Website translation

webpageIn the field of information technology we can translate a variety of documents: a website, manuals, video games, educational programs, software, applications, etc. or on a larger scale, such as a website. A poorly translated manual will be useless and also threatens the image of your product. In contrast, a product whose instructions are well translated it will favorably influence the experience and opinion of the user. To sell at a local market, a program should be available in the user’s language and adapted to the cultural and technical characteristics of the target market.

Website translation services in Ealing for reasonable prices

Besides translating the textual content, we also carry out the location of your games, programs and applications taking into account the technical difficulties related to this support: extension strings, elements / contextual factors in the case of variables and format dates and figures in others. We can help you adjust the ergonomics and interface of your software products.

Also, we install the program to do the testing and linguistic, aesthetic and functional verification. In short, we offer our linguistic advice and our expertise in this field to achieve a product tailored to the public in the target markets. Our translation tools allow us to keep every one of the elements of programming and so give the client the translated standard format (PO, XLIFF, etc.) files.

Our translation agency always bet effective work methodology, consisting of several steps in which prevail the attention to detail and respect for confidentiality. All our specialized translators have a linguistic profile linked to a significant professional or personal experience in computing. Our translators are rigorously selected, ensure a reliable and quality service to live up to your expectations translation.

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