Sworn translation

Seal.Sworn translation is a discipline that is only performed by authorized translators and  must be certified by signature and seal of fidelity and accuracy of its actions so that the translation has the same legal value as the original document.

Individuals and companies seeking sworn translation services for documents such as extracts from criminal records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas and even company registration certificates, minutes of general meetings, statutes and other documentation.

In some cases, sworn translators can work from scanned copies, but it is usually necessary to have the original documents. It is convenient to inform the recipient body (ministry, consulate, university, etc.) own and bear in mind that the mailing of documents extends the management and delivery of the translation. Also, another aspect to consider before beginning the translation is that certain documents and certain countries require an apostille.

Sworn translations for reasonable prices in Ealing

We know that all data and information that the client sends us is confidential and therefore we ensure that professional secrecy is respected. Also, always we apply our quality charter and the same methodology of work regardless of the type of service and are committed to select the supplier who can best answer your needs.

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