Medical and pharmaceutical translation

medicalWe understand the importance and requirements of this specialization. Every time we accept such projects, we remember the severe responsibilities and possible consequences. It’s not just about nomenclature and consistency in terminology, but double-checking every detail and certainty of the quality of the end product.

We are pleased and honored to meet the requirements of quality, and at the same time to offer professional translations for the medical industry. Our specialty is the translation of documentation, applications, and training programs for the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and healthcare.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation services in Ealing

Areas of specialization :

  • documentation of clinical trials
  • clinical trial protocols
  • reports on case studies
  • patient questionnaires
  • clinical study reports
  • pharmaceutical marketing
  • pharmaceutical advertising
  • monographs (descriptions of drugs and raw materials)
  • leaflets and materials for patient
  • medical journals
  • web pages
  • press releases
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • teaching materials
  • guides and brochures for the patient

If you wish, we can sign a confidentiality agreement in advance, so you can be sure that your documents are in safe hands. We attach great attention to detail.

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