Literature translation

literatureTranslation of literature is the most prestigious expertise for translation agencies. This specialization in itself is quite specific. We are pleased to collaborate with publishers, magazines and companies in need of literary translation. We are talking not only about the accuracy of the narrative, but also about understanding emotions and feeling the melody of the language, which the author wants to share with others.

This type of translation consist on moving artistic or literary experiences from one culture to another through a highly creative stylistic work that respects the text of the original work. The difference between the original and the translated version is often the subject of debate and many polyglot prefer to read a book in its original version to discover the work in the language in which this was created. The mission of the literary translator is a complex “copyright work” must respect the style and the author’s intention and also convert stylistic figures, connotations, humor, etc. cultural references with which the audience it addresses a sense of recognition. We offer you our best creators to your literary translations.

Translation of books, novels and other printed materials  by Ealing Translation Services

Very often our translators of literature are also writers, so they are the best possible choices enabling us to understand the author and translate his every thought and feeling.
If you are looking for a literary translations of the highest quality, you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to order a valuation and transfer your files.

Trust in Ealing Translation Services to  translate a novel, an essay, a poem, a recipe book, an article, an art book, a comic book or other literary material and get a result according to your needs, always with the greatest respect for confidentialityof your material.

We will choose the best linguist, who will take care of the project, and then contact you by providing detailed information about the dates and rates. Consultation is free and gives you an accurate idea of the progress of the work on the translation project.

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