Legal translation

Legal1In a globalized world ruled by the law, all you ever need the services of a legal translator. Whether you are a professional or an individual, you may at some point need to have legal documents in your language or in a foreign language: contracts, company statutes, annual reports, agreements, regulations, judgments, litigation, diplomas, marriage certificates, affidavits, etc.

Our methodology, detailed in our quality charter ensures that all projects deal with the utmost respect for professional secrecy.

For this reason, all our legal translators have a double profile in addition to training in law have a minimum 5 years experience in specialized translation.

Legal translation specialist in Ealing

Our professional translators translate into their native language in the discipline that dominate (civil law, commercial law, labor law, international law, tax law, criminal law, etc.) and reside in their home country to provide quality service contrasted.

They also undertake to consult and respect the lexicon and reference works recognized by the legal profession, in addition to using our glossaries and specific translation memories of each client.

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