proofreadWhenever a document is written is always necessary to double check it and read until it is correct, therefore, you should never delivered it without being checked and corrected in both form and content (in the case of academic papers you have to check if a cover is contained, a suitable title and subtitle, an index, an introduction, development theme, conclusion and bibliography). As well as the spelling and syntax corrections. Check also,  the  relevance and proper preparation of appointments and notes, correspondence between paragraphs and ideas, extension, accuracy and coherence of the latter, the proper use of links and tenses, property  of the language used, the format of your work, etc.

It is advisable to analyze what we have pointed out to learn in the course of correction. If this is not the case you can use dictionaries, grammars, writing manuals, etc. but it won’t be enough to write or translate a document properly.

Ealing Translation Services offers you its service in proofreading text. Whether you have already written a document or translated into a foreign language. We guaranteed you the best quality, since our proofreader team has only native speakers and expert in writting documents.

The price for a proofreading service is diffent from our translations prices.

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