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thai-flag-1Thai is spoken mainly in Thailand, where it’s the official language. It’s a Siamese language that is related to Lao, Shan in Burma, and a compilation of other lesser known languages in the regions of southern China and Vietnam. Since Thailand is diverse, Thai is the official language of the education and government system in Thailand, and it is spoken throughout the entire country.

The Thai language is often called Siamese, or Central Thai. It can be a difficult language for an English-speaking person to learn to speak and write. Thai borrows at least half its language from Pali, Sanskrit, and Old Khmer. Most people who know Thai can also speak Lao, as it’s quite similar.

There are over 20 million people in Thailand who speak and write Thai, with another 20 million who are able to speak and understand a variation of Thai, such as Lao. There are different forms of Thai for different purposes. Street or common Thai is spoken between friends. Formal Thai is used in newspapers. Rhetorical is spoken in speeches. Religious Thai is spoken by Buddhists and monks. Royal Thai is used among the royal family. Most Thais understand these various different forms, as they are taught in the schools.

Thai is written in a unique script, making it even more difficult for the English speaker to learn. It’s important to hire a professional translation service to translate any documents that you need to read in English. Since Thai is a complicated language, if you have a Thai-speaking friend translate for you, they may not accurately translate your document, and miss important points. This is especially important when the translation of legal documents is required.

Translation services in Thai language in Ealing

We have a large group of Thai-speaking and writing translators who work for our business. Not only are they native speakers of Thai, but they have also been carefully selected as a professional translators. Our translators are required to hold certificates for translation and many even have degrees after undergoing extensive diploma programs.

Each translator adheres to a strict set of rules. They are precise with their translations. Each word is considered in the context of the document. They pay attention to detail, and are meticulous about translating the entire document.

It’s easy to work with our translation services. After your undergo the procedure the first time, it will be a simple process for your future documents. Give us a call, or email us first to get started.

We’ll need to see the documents that need to be translated. We’ll provide you with a quote, and will start when you give us the go-ahead. It takes us about an hour to provide a quote after we have received the files.

To translate each five pages will take about two days. If you have a longer document, we’ll need to discuss delivery times and details. We accept payment through wire transfer or paypal_logo

Please give us a call today and we can get started on translating your important documents for you immediately.

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