Spanish translation

spainflagSpanish is the third international language. In the last ten years the demand for teaching Spanish in the world has doubled.

According to the 1990 census, about 22 million people in the United States are of Hispanic origin, equivalent to 8.9% of the total population. 61, 7% of the students enrolled in a foreign language in high school, studied Spanish, and there are more than 2 000 university departments in which it is taught.

Spanish is also studied in High School in the European Union countries such as France or Germany. In Central and Eastern Europe, the teaching of our language has increased considerably; for example, in Bulgaria, students of secondary schools in Spanish have gone from 640 in 1985 to 2080 in 1991, and Hungary have doubled.

In the Maghreb learning Spanish is optional in High School and the University. The number of Spanish university students in Japan is greater than 5 000. It should also be noted that in these countries Hispanist associations and Spain issues work.

In the Philippines, more than two million people retain Spanish as their first language. In Israel’s Sephardic community and migrants of Latin American countries constitute a significant proportion of the population.

Spanish is, therefore, a language widely spoken and, increasingly, widely studied. This favors the creation of media whose language is the Spanish. Spain and Latin America have 972 newspapers, 254 television channels and 5,112 radio stations. In the US there are 7 day (with more than 20 000 copies circulation), 37 television channels and 97 radio stations that use Spanish.

Spanish translations perfomed by native speakers

Our agency offers you the service of translation  from or into Spanish of all your documents, so that any need for translation to and from Spanish can be covered by our team.

Following our quality policy, all translations are carried out by specialized professional translators, natives and residents in Spain. Therefore, translators always work into their native language, Spanish, and never the other way. That is, if you need to translate a technical document written in English into Spanish, assign the project to a Spanish translator resident in this region, specializing in technical translation and at least 4 years of experience.

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