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norwegian_flagNorwegian is a language primarily spoken in Norway, and one of the northern Germanic languages spoken in this part of the world. It’s very similar to Danish and Swedish, so many people in this region are multilingual. There are five million people speaking this language, and it’s based on the Latin writing system. It’s in the north Germanic language category, and very similar to Swedish and Danish. Despite a similar alphabet, most words will be unfamiliar to the English speaker, who will require a Norwegian to English translation service.

Today, standard Norwegian is spoken, but Nynorsk is a purist form of the language that continues to survive. This language has limited usage, mostly by families in the region hoping to preserve it. While the written language stays the same, spoken Norwegian can be subject to different dialects across the country. Despite this, most people can understand each other.

About five million people in northern Europe speak Norwegian. There are actually four forms of the written language. One is called book tongue and the other is new Norwegian. There is also standard Norwegian and high Norwegian.

It may be simpler to learn spoken Norwegian than having to worry about how to write or read the language. A Norwegian translator will be able to provide their knowledge and expertise to translate all forms of the language.

Norwegian translation services in Ealing

Individuals or businesses may be needing translation services for any number of reasons. Individuals may need translation services for personal reasons, such as translating letters, documents, or medical reports. A business may require legal documents to be translated, or need instruction or technical manuals to be translated into a variety of languages for the worldwide market.

It’s better to hire a professional translation company to translate your documents for you, as they’ll do a more thorough job than a friend or relative would. Your translated documents will also be professionally typed up and professionally presented to you, and not handwritten, or with notes scattered over the page. A business will take care with the translation, ensuring the meaning of each word is considered.

And when you need translation for a language that may have different written languages, you may need someone who specializes in a particular type. You don’t want your friend making guesses with high Norwegian if all they write is standard Norwegian.

If you need to have documents translated, the process for having it done is fairly simple. It begins with sending us your documents, so that we can provide you with a quote. This takes about one hour. Once you’ve give us the go-ahead we can get started with translating your documents.

It will take us about two days to translate a five page document, though sometimes it could be sooner depending on how much content is on each page.

You may order a translation by contacting us by email or telephone. On the telephone we’ll discuss the details, our prices, and our delivery times. Please call us today to get started.

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