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hungary (1)Hungarian is not only spoken in the country of Hungary but also many other countries in Asia, including Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and the Ukraine. It’s similar to Finnish and Estonian, being in the Uralic family of languages. It’s considered one of twenty-four official languages spoken in the EU.

Many people may require Hungarian translation services as they handle business contracts in this part of the word, or legal documents for family living in Hungary.

There are nearly 13 million people in the word who speak Hungarian. In this language they call it “magyar”. It may also refer to the group of Hungarian people. The Hungarian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet. While it’s not a difficult language to learn, it still requires time and dedication to become fully fluent in this language.

Like many other languages, in 1000 AD, the people of Hungary spoke Latin. The language has had a heavy influence on the Hungarian language of today. Most people can understand some of the older Hungarian language, much like the English understand Old English, but it can be a separate specialty for a translator to understand.

There are about nine different dialects spoken in Hungary. Most people can mutually understand the others, except for Csango, which is based on an older version of Hungarian, that this group has managed to preserve over the years.

Hungarian translations perfomed by native speakers in Ealing

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