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GreeceIf you’re a student, traveler, or business person, there may come a time when you come across Greek documents that need translating. Greek encompasses the Greek alphabet, which has some similarities to English, but with slightly different letters. Greek translation is a specialized branch of translation services, and should’t be left to your Greek relative to translate for you.

Greece is a fascinating country, full of rich history, vibrant people, and delicious food. While their economy had a downturn, it’s steadily building up again. No matter what your reason—vacation in Greece; business deals; or school studies—you’ll want to ensure that your Greek documents are accurately and thoroughly translated.

Greek is primarily spoken by the 13 million people of Greece. It’s also a minor language in areas of Italy, Armenia, Ukraine, and Albania. It’s on the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European group of languages. Learning to speak it is easier than learning to write it, due to its unique set of symbolic letters.

The ancient Greek people were extremely literate. Today, we still read the literature of Aristotle, Plato, Homer, and more. Ancient Greek holds similarities with Latin, and both languages comprise many words of the English language today. The Rosetta Stone was used to decipher many passages of Ancient Egyptian language.

The Greek language can be as difficult to decipher as ancient Egyptian, Chinese or Arabic letters, but fortunately, there are translation services available to help you out.

Greek translation services in Ealing

Translation services are done by professional translators. These may be native speakers, usually bilingual, and who are certified in translation services. It’s important to hire a professional business to do your translation, rather than relying on a Greek-speaking relative to do it for you.

A professional translation service will be precise in their translation, and pay attention to detail. Often translators hold many certificates and degrees in translation services. If you hired a relative to do it, they may only summarize a document. If you’re filling in forms, this could impact your chances of buying real estate, collecting an inheritance, completing a divorce, or any other reason why you’d need to hire a translation service.

Legal contracts and business contract translations are commonly needed, but we also do website, and medical translations as well.

Translation services are simple to work with. It begins by faxing or mailing in your documents so that the service can go through them. We’ll calculate the time required to complete them, and get back to you with a quote, usually within an hour.

Once you give us the go ahead, our translators will get to work. Five pages can take about two days, sometimes sooner.

You can order our translation services through email, or telephone. The details will need to be discussed first, before we can get started. We accept payments in Paypal or by wire transfer.

While we specialize in Greek translation services, our qualified translators can also translate almost all of the languages of the world. Please give us a call now to discuss your needs.

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