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FinnishflagFinnish is a language that is officially spoken by the natives of Finland. More than 90% of the population in Finland speaks Finnish while a minority speaks Swedish, making it the official minority language. Apart from Finland, this language is spoken by people in countries like Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Canada and Russia.

There are around 5 million people in the world who speak Finnish as their common tongue and those are living in the above mentioned countries. Finnish has very close relations with Swedish due to the fact that Finland was a part of Sweden. However Finnish began to identify its own language gradually and break away from the Swedish dominance with the writing of the New Testament by the famous Michael Agricola.

There are several dialects of the Finnish language inside the country and other places in the world as well. Being a Uralic language, it has shared roots with other languages in the region such as Hungarian and Estonian. The basis of the Uralic languages has been the countries situated on either side of the Ural Mountains.

Finnish is another language which may be difficult to learn by people in different parts of the world. As an example it might be difficult for Asians to learn Finnish due to the different pronunciation and use of grammar. Hence you might often need a translator when deciphering important documents for various purposes. Hence you will find it interesting to know that X Company is interested in offering you translation services at reasonable prices.

Finnish translation services in Ealing

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