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Translation from and into English

English is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family and today is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese.

However, English is the language most widespread globally and is on track to become the universal language.

Here some of the reasons for this supremacy over other languages ​​like French, Spanish and Arabic:

– It is the official or co-official language in more than 45 countries.
– Half of all business deals are conducted in English.
– Two thirds of scientific studies are written in English.
– Over 70% of all emails are written and addressed in English.
– It is the language par excellence of the science of our day: the computer.
– Most international tourism, aviation and diplomacy are conducted in English.
– In addition, English is present in the cultural, social, political and economic life of most countries of the world.

Interestingly we mention that more people live in China who speak English in the United States.

English is the first language for doing business on the planet and the accepted language for business transactions between any individual in the world. A meeting point between your company and your customer or supplier who does not speak that language.

Therefore it will be necessary that your communications are accurate and understandable English so there is no room for error. Not forgetting that good communication is the starting point for international success of your company, a professional English translation and adapted to each situation or context will be a cornerstone in the development of your company abroad.

Translation and proofreading services for non-native  English speakers in Ealing.

The English, like the Spanish, has different nuances depending on the region where it is spoken. Each translation into English you will need to be adapted to the specific audience that you want to run. Sometimes you may be focused on launching your product or establish a business relationship in the US market. In that case what your company needs is a translation into American English, which is spoken mainly in the US and Canada, conducted by an American native translator. If instead you need your documents translated into English spoken in Europe, your translations must be made by a British professional translator. Despite being the same language there are important nuances between the English of each geographical area and we need your translation suits each region.

Ealing Translation Services provides you with a wide network of partners on both sides of the ocean who will be able to translate and adapt your documents to the audience you are addressing. We select every native English translations depending on the country where your translation is intended and depending on the specialty of the document.

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