Dutch translation

DutchDutch is a language spoken by about 23 million people in the world with its speakers living in Netherlands and Belgium. The region called Flanders is the specific part where you can find many Dutch speakers in Belgium. Taking the worldwide spread of the language, Suriname, Aruba and the Caribbean can be considered regions where Dutch is a national language. The 23 million speakers are the native speakers while there are many more who speak it as a secondary language.

Dutch is one of the languages used and recognized in the European Union as at the present day.Dutch is a West Germanic language which makes it share common roots with languages like English, German and other Scandinavian languages. Dutch was a very commonly used language in the historic trade and industry which was fueled by the great naval command and presence that the Netherlands had in Europe.

In the current world Dutch is an important language due to its presence in the world caused by its speakers being located all over the world. Especially as a language commonly used in the European Union its importance arises in the economical and industrial matters. It is important to have a general knowledge of this language if you are involved in trading with the EU or Netherlands. If you need any help with the language you will know that the X Company is a young translation company which offers high quality translation services to clients from all over the world at very reasonable prices.

Dutch translations performed by native speakers in Ealing

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