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russia_flagCzech Republic is currently the country where the Czech language is being used as the official language. Around 10 million people speak this language inside the country while a great many speakers can be found in countries like Portugal, Poland, Germany, Austria, Croatia and the United States. United States is actually the country where the highest number of Czech speakers resides, outside of the Czech Republic. It is a minor language in Slovakia.

Czech originates from the West Slavic language and bears close resemblances with other West and East Slavic languages such as Slovak, Polish and Russian. However the most similarities are found with Slovak. There had been a slight diminishing of the original Czech language due to the German domination in the Bohemian lands during the eighteenth century but with the effort of the linguists the original language has been able to be revived and established.

The original Czech language had first been used in Bohemia, which was the name given to the present day region of Czech Republic. Hence the language had been known as Bohemian until the name of the region changed from Bohemia to Czech Republic.

While Slavic languages are always considered as languages which are hard to learn, Czech is no different. It is a complicated language with great many influences from different origins and the grammar, pronunciation and the many dialects can be quite interesting as well as complex for a foreigner to learn, especially if you are not used to the European languages. Hence we are here to guide you in all your linguistic matters by offering you great translation services for languages including Czech.

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