Information security

confidentiality-agreementEaling Translation  Services team knows the importance of the materials that are given to us with a very special valuable to the customers. Therefore, confidentiality and data security is treated as an absolute priority.

Data Security Policy

In order to ensure our customers data security we take into account the following points:

a) the integrity of personal data
b) accountability of personal data
c) the full protection of personal data against an unauthorized entity acquiring it
d) the lawful processing of personal data
e) protect (protection of ?) the rights of the persons concerned personal data processing

Within  Ealing Translation Services a data security policy has been established.

Data security

In order to ensure care of the highest quality of service and data security of our clients at every stage of the development, we use a high-quality encrypted connection (the same as for banking transactions). In addition, we use certified SSL certificates with 128-bit encryption, to safeguard the highest standards authenticating the identity of the website owner.

Translation Agency’s Elaing Translation services infrastructure thus ensures the secret collection of data and without access by unauthorized persons. It also enables continuity of service contained in the offer in case of failure, the need for maintenance or other possible hazards. In addition Ealing Translation services offers a dedicated client portal that allows secure file transfer (uploading and downloading to us).

IT systems are reviewed regularly for compliance with internal standards of safety and reliability.
In the field of information security we use three basic attributes of protection:

Confidentiality, i.e. ensuring that information is accessible only by authorized persons;
Integrity, i.e. ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods;
Availability, i.e. provide authorized users access to information and associated resources, in accordance with specific needs.

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Concerned about the security of data entrusted to us, we create regular backups that are stored in dedicated locations outside the headquarters office. In order to win the confidence of stakeholders, when identifying risks and implementing appropriate safeguards (protection?) with regard to data security we follow the guidelines of ISO / IEC 27001:2007 and ISO / IEC 27018:2014.

As a result, customers entrusting us with comprehensive linguistic documentation, can be at ease about their data.

Confidentiality Agreement

Concerned about your privacy and in compliance with internal security policies, we guarantee the confidentiality of information at any stage of cooperation. We have appropriate agreements with all internal and remote (external?) colleagues. Also, we offer our clients anon-disclosure agreement (NDA), which may include even a single project.

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